A Customized Solution to Help You Grow Revenue, Influence and Develop Teams to Stand Out In Your Organization

It's Time to Stop Being Frustrated Your Teams Aren't as Effective as You Want

The Never Ending Hamster Wheel

You keep using the same solutions but nothing sticks. It's like hitting a wall day-in and day-out. You feel that no matter how hard you try, your efforts are in vain and no progress is made.

Reactive Training

Due to inexistent or reactionary onboarding processes and training, most of the responsibility falls on a few individuals which increases a chance of burnout, bottlenecks, and miscommunication.

Stress Is The

Daily Vitamin

You are working hard to survive the day and no matter how much gets done, not much progress is made. Running in circles in a reactive and high-stress environment leads to burnout.

Go From Constant Frustration to Accelerated Growth with Simple and Practical Processes

Streamlining the growth of a young company doesn't mean extreme changes no one has time for.

  • Grow Revenue: quickly align your team and maximize collaboration towards a single focus that delivers breakthrough results.
  • Grow Your Influence: maximize your teams ability to leverage the skils and talents of varied personalities and perspectives.
  • Build Transformational Teams: develop teams that don't simply meet expectations but drive the company's vision forward.

These Are Our Success Stories

"Shannon helped lead and develop CIQ's sales enablement program that included on-boarding sales new hires, certifications, sales training, sales metrics and leveraging technology solutions. The results were over 107% average quota attainment across the entire sales team, quicker time to productivity for AEs and the sales org embracing learning."

Doug Bleszinski

VP of Global Sales at CommerceIQ

“Shannon was an absolute joy to have at our office for the day! She conducted a DISC training for sales team. It focused on communication with team members and customers! It was so beneficial to learn how we can communicate better with all styles. She did an awesome job making it interactive for the reps and industry specific! Would highly recommend!”

Brock Troy

Head of Sales at The Urban Forester

“I've had the pleasure of networking with Shannon over the years, and in that time, I've seen her build multiple rock-solid enablement programs and step in to coach and mentor her teams. In a sea of people and companies struggling to understand enablement and put ideas into action- Shannon gets enablement; she's strategic, creative, and understands what the sales team needs to be successful.”

Allison Sword

Sr. Manager Revenue Enablement at Restaurant365

A Streamlined Sales Growth System is Only 3 Steps Away

1. Schedule a Call

Identify needs, personalize a solution, and have an action plan.

2. Personalized Program

After call, you'll have a way forward with practical steps to grow.

3. Enjoy a Healthy Business

Be free to sleep peacefully due to your business not needing you at every turn.

Meet The Founder: Shannon Hempel

With 20+ years as an educator, trainer, strategist and leadership coach Shannon has an ability to pinpoint gaps in the sales processes and team dynamics that cause the companies to lose thousands of dollars in revenue generation opportunities.

As an Executive Director of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, Shannon leverages her access to worldwide leaders to customize solutions to any type of business problem..She has built multiple sales and leadership development & enablement programs in SaaS companies across many industries helping corporate decision makers optimize sales teams and create practical revenue generating programs that prevent bottlenecks, increase effective collaboration, reduce stress, and empower sales reps to take care of the business.

Looking to Build a Transformational Sales Organization?

Our "Ultimate Sales Onboarding Roadmap" can help identify where to start

We have created a 7-Pillar holistic approach for organizations to develop their sales teams in practical and effective ways.